Youth Division
Youth Results
Jr Gold

          $250.00 1st Place Each Division -    Based on 20 entries per division
$100 added to each Standard event by SWFC
        1:5 [min] Guaranteed to Cash - Prize Fund returned 100% and deposited into USBC SMART Account
     $ 100 Scholarship award for each 300 Scratch Game bowled
Format for All Standard Tournaments
Qualifying - Bowl 5 games across 10 lanes; Cut to top 12 with Handicap in each division
Semi Finals - Pins carry over and bowl 2 games accross 4 lanes; Cut to top 5.
Semi Finals Rd2 - Pins carry over and bowl 1 game across 2 lanes; Cut to top 2.
Finals - Top 2 bowlers head to head with handicap - highest game determines Champion
Dress Code for tournaments held in January - November: 
NO Shorts, Jeans , Denim, Yoga pants or Athletic attire permitted at any time. Pants cannot have any outside pockets, such as cargo pants. 

Shirts: A collared/mock collared shirt or USBC Youth shirt . Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.  

Male participants are required to wear slacks. Slacks must not contain drawstring waists or elastic bottoms. Slacks must have a zipper and a button to be eligible. 

Female participants are required to wear slacks, skirts or capris. All skirts, must be sufficiently below the competitor’s fingertips when they are standing and their arms are hanging loosely at their side.  All Capris must be below the knee when standing.

Headgear – No covering or sunglasses can be worn while practicing or competing (hats, caps, or bandannas, etc.). Male participants cannot wear any headgear while practicing or competing, unless a request is made in writing and approved prior to the event. 

Headphones—not permitted by bowlers at any time they are bowling, whether in the bowlers circle or on the approach  


To pre-register, click the "email me" link below and send us an email with your name and USBC # 
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SWFC Divisions
Division 1: 189 Average and below (House)
                  163 Average and below (Sport)

Division 2: 190 and over (House) (Scratch)
                  164 and over (Sport)  (Scratch)
Date             Center                                         See Flier for Details

Mar 8     Superplay USA                  Standard Event + Optional Jr Gold
Apr 19   Lightning Strikes                 Standard Event + Optional Jr Gold
May 17  Maple Lanes - Countryside Standard Event + Optional Jr Gold
Jun 6-7  BCB, Oakfield Lanes, BCB      15 game Qualifier  

Checks will NOT be accepted the day of the tournament. We will accept Cash or Money Order only. Checks can be used for pre-registration payment and MUST be received by the tournament office one (1) week prior to the tournament.

Checks returned NSF will be charged an additional $35 service fee in addition to the face value.
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